New EPA standards drive business improvement

1st for EPA has added four new standards to its EPA offer.

We’re known for our commitment to quality and apprentice support, making the EPA process easy for training providers. Our latest standards for end point assessment are in line with our current offering, focusing on improving business operations. They are:

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner EPA

This standard was approved in 2021 and has been an instant hit with employers in all sectors. CR&S is ever-changing and more topical than ever as the public look to organisations to see how they handle CR&S issues. This apprenticeship allows employers to access the latest thinking and have a practitioner ready to drive their Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives forward.

See the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Practitioner EPA Overview

Data Analyst and Data Technician EPA

Every business in the world relies on data. From streamlining operations to improving customer experiences, the applications of data are endless. The Data Analyst level 4 and Data Technician level 3 standards give employers the opportunity to strengthen their capability in the field and ensure they’re making the most out of data and all it can offer.

See the Data Analyst v1.0 EPA Overview and the Data Analyst v1.1 EPA Overview
See the Data Technician EPA Overview

Senior People Professional EPA

With our HR Consultant and HR Support EPA a big hit with providers and employers, the level 7 Senior People Professional standard builds on the field. With options in Learning & Development, Organisation Development and Core HR, this Masters-level apprenticeship equips the apprentice to create a culture in which their people thrive and their organisation succeeds.

See the Senior People Professional EPA Overview

1st for EPA makes the end point assessment process smooth, easy and transparent, with full support for providers and apprentices. If you’d like to discuss EPA, please get in touch.

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