Case Study: Harry, Digital Marketer Apprentice

Name: Harry Bunn
Apprenticeship standard: Digital Marketer Level 3
Training Provider: Apprentify
Result: Distinction

What did you do to prepare for EPA?

I read through the documents 1st for EPA provided thoroughly and looked through my course work to highlight any area that aligned with the competency standard and questions the assessor would ask. Having mock interviews with my apprenticeship provider Apprentify was also a big help with preparation.

What were your feelings prior to any assessments taking place, compared to after the event?

I had nerves before each of the assessments, especially the final interview. As the final interview was estimated to be 2 hours long, this was very daunting as I wasn’t sure I would be able to speak for that length of time. Luckily, I was well prompted and guided with the questions given so that I would pick up the most marks possible. The assessor is there to help people get the best grade possible within the reflection of their true ability. With this it was calming after the final interview as I realised I had done the most I could in the time given.

How would you describe your EPA experience with your assessor and 1st for EPA in general?

It was very professional and the assessor who conducted my final interview was very friendly, knowledgeable, and informed about my apprenticeship. I felt he was well prepared in conducting the interview as he had clearly read through my portfolio and my synoptic project, providing relevant questions and understanding the context of my work.

Would you recommend 1st for EPA to a friend?

Definitely. Based on my experience it was very professional and helped me in achieving a distinction.

Do you have any tips for someone going through the EPA process?

Read through your previous work. With my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship I had a Portfolio and Synoptic Project which should be learnt well enough to refer to and speak about without having to read back through it, as the two hours will go very quickly.

Do you have any other comments you would like to share about your experience?

Just prepare! Read through all previous work and provide examples about all competencies if you can, the assessor will help you.

What have you done since completing your apprenticeship? (e.g. stayed with your employer, used your skills to get a promotion/new job, etc)

Since completing my apprenticeship I have been lucky enough to stay with my employer. I am constant developing new skills and taking on new responsibilities, I think a massive part of this has been developing my initiative and independence in the workplace too. With this change in responsibility and becoming a secure member of the team I have now also gained the job title Digital Marketing Associate.

Well done, Harry!

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