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1st for EPA offers End Point Assessment for the Content Creator level 3 apprenticeship standard. We have apprentice guidance, training provider feedback and much more to support you through EPA.End Point Assessment Organisations provide conclusive assessments for apprentices in the England. Apprenticeship standards in England include a comprehensive apprenticeship assessment plan, and the EPAO bears the responsibility of ensuring that apprentices attain the requisite standards and competencies upon the conclusion of their training. Register your interest

What does Content Creator EPA involve?

The register of end point assessment, or EPA, for the Content Creator standard is made up of two components:

  1. Project or campaign evaluation report, presentation of additional/new content and questions
  2. Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

EPA 1: Project or campaign evaluation report, presentation of additional/new content and questions

The project or campaign itself is done on programme, in the last 6 months leading to gateway. The evaluation report is 1500 words, the presentation is 15 minutes and the questioning is 15 minutes. The presentation and questioning will be carried out by video call, one-to-one between the apprentice and our assessor.

EPA 2: Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

The professional discussion is a one-to-one discussion between the apprentice and the assessor. The assessor will ask about the apprentice’s work, including that shown in the apprentice’s portfolio. It lasts one hour.

Full guidance and resources will be provided by 1st for EPA, including a Content Creator Toolkit that details the end point assessment plan and how to prepare for it.

  • Assessment Plan for EPA

    Assessment Plan for Content Creator

    To see the Content Creator apprenticeship details, visit the Institute for Apprenticeships website here (link opens in a new window):

    The Assessment Plan can be seen here:

    The Content Creator apprenticeship standard is assessed remotely using video calling.

  • EPA Guidance

    Content Creator Guidance

    • We will provide:
      • Apprentice Toolkit: full guidance on what to expect and how to prepare for EPA
      • Checklist on what the on-programme project/campaign should cover
      • Employer overview showing what EPA involves
      • Portfolio mapping document and Project report mapping document
      • Blog with regular advice articles:
      • Regular feedback from the employer and training provider to share areas for improvement, which can feed into your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).
    • We also run a training provider on-boarding session to run through the EPA process, timescales and best practices for Content Creator EPA.

How does EPA work?

  • The training provider recommends an EPAO, often with input from the employer.

  • The training provider registers the apprentice with the EPAO, giving an expected date for EPA.

  • The apprentice completes Gateway and schedules their EPA.

  • 1st for EPA provides full support and guidance to help the apprentice prepare for EPA.

  • EPA is carried out with a qualified assessor.

  • 1st for EPA carries out quality checks, then emails the apprentice their results and claims their completion certificate from the ESFA.

EPAO Content Creator

End Point Assessment, also known as an EPA, is the evaluation process that happens when an apprentice approaches the end of their apprenticeship journey. After the culmination of all on-programme learning, the apprentice will advance from the Gateway stage to the EPA stage. During this phase, independent organisations known as End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs), like 1st for EPA, carry out assessments in accordance with the assessment plan outlined in the apprenticeship standard. 1st for EPA is an Ofqual recognised EPAO.

In the evolving world of content creation, staying ahead and maintaining excellence is essential. One key area that often goes hand in hand with success as a content creator is choosing the right End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) that specialises in content-related assessments. Here we consider the importance of a Content Creator EPAO as well as how it can elevate your content creation journey.

Before we dive into the specifics of a Content Creator EPAO, let’s clarify what EPAO Content entails. ‘EPAO Content Creator’ refers to the evaluation and assessment processes conducted by EPAOs for content creation apprenticeships. These assessments have been designed to ensure that content creators meet the rigorous standards and competencies set by industry experts.

1st for EPA – Your End Point Assessment Organisation

Supported by Ofqual as a trusted End Point Assessment Organisation, 1st for EPA operates across England and is dedicated to providing transparency within the EPA process. Our mission is to provide comprehensive guidance that empowers apprentices to successfully navigate their journey to completion. We cement strong partnerships with both employers and training providers, aiming to improve apprenticeship achievement rates, so if you’re in search of an EPAO, reach out to us today.

More About Content Creator EPAs

A Content Creator EPAO will play an essential role in the journey of content creators. 

Here’s how they can benefit you:

Quality Assurance: EPAOs specialise in content creation and will ensure that your skills and knowledge meet the industry standard. The quality assurance means that employers can be confident their staff have the skills to help their business grow and succeed.

For expert assistance in your content creator journey, explore the services offered by 1st for EPA, a recognised Content Creator EPAO.

What does EPA cost for Content Creator?

Content Creator apprenticeship end point assessment is £1350.

Resits are priced according to which component needs to be repeated.

If a retake is needed, this is charged at the full fee.

What’s the difference between a resit and a re-take?

How we make EPA easy

Here’s why employers and training providers choose 1st for EPA as their end point assessment organisation (EPAO):

  • Support icon

    Support and guidance

    Full guidance and support is given to apprentices – We’ve created resources that prepare apprentices for EPA so they know what to expect and are ready for their final assessment

  • EPA Guidance

    Resource bank

    Resource bank with guidance notes to support apprentices through end point assessment

  • Experienced assessors icon

    Experienced assessors

    All our assessors are experts in the subject they assess. They understand the demands of the apprenticeship and the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be successful

  • Friendly team icon

    Friendly team

    Friendly team to answer all your questions

  • Remote EPA

    Remote EPA

    We carry out end point assessment remotely wherever the Assessment Plan allows, meaning we work across the UK and can be flexible

  • Certificate icon

    Secure system

    to manage and schedule EPA

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