Digital Marketer End Point Assessment

Level 3

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What does Digital Marketer EPA involve?

The end point assessment, or EPA, for the Digital Marketer standard is made up of four components:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Project
  3. Employer reference
  4. Structured interview

EPA 1: The portfolio

Apprentices complete a portfolio on programme and submit this for assessment after gateway. This portfolio should include evidence from real work projects which, taken together, cover the totality of the standard.

EPA 2: A project

The apprentice must undertake a business-related project over a one-week period away from the day to day workplace.

EPA 3: An employer reference

This shows the employer’s perspective on how the apprentice has performed in the workplace and how they have applied their knowledge, competencies and behaviours in work projects.

EPA 4: A structured interview with an assessor

The interview explores what has been produced in the portfolio and the project, as well as looks into how it has been produced.

Full guidance and resources will be provided by 1st for EPA.

  • Assessment Plan for EPA

    Digital Marketer Assessment Plan

    To see the Digital Marketer apprenticeship details in full, visit the Institute for Apprenticeships website. You can also view the full Digital Marketer Level 3 Assessment Plan.

  • EPA Guidance

    Guidance available

    We provide support with our:

    • Apprentice Toolkit: full guidance on what to expect and how to prepare for EPA
    • Employer overview showing what EPA involves
    • Portfolio mapping document
    • Employer reference template, guidance and example
    • Invigilator guidance
    • Articles & advice
    • Regular feedback for training providers to share areas for improvement, which can feed into your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

    We also run a training provider on-boarding session to run through the EPA process, timescales and best practice for Digital Marketer EPA.

How does EPA work?

  • The apprentice completes Gateway and schedules their EPA.

  • The training provider registers the apprentice with the EPAO, giving an expected date for EPA.

  • The apprentice completes Gateway and schedules their EPA.

  • 1st for EPA provides full support and guidance to help the apprentice prepare for EPA.

  • EPA is carried out with a qualified assessor.

  • 1st for EPA carries out quality checks, then emails the apprentice their results and claims their completion certificate from the ESFA.

How much does a Digital Marketer EPA cost?

Our EPA for the Digital Marketer apprenticeship standard is £990.

Invigilation for the project is usually carried out by either the employer or training provider. If this is not possible, please get in touch for a price that includes invigilation.

Resits are priced according to which component(s) need to be repeated.

If a retake is needed, this is charged at the full fee of £990.

What’s the difference between a resit and a re-take?


Digital Marketing EPA FAQs


What happens if I fail the Digital Marketing EPA?

If an apprentice fails the Digital Marketing end point assessment, they will be offered the opportunity to resit 

What job role can I do with a Digital Marketing apprenticeship?

There are many different job roles you can take on after completing a digital marketing apprenticeship. Digital marketing is the most in-demand type of marketing, with a growing number of jobs available. A digital marketing apprenticeship can open up the doors to job roles such as digital marketing executive, SEO executive, social media executive, and PR executive.

How do I prepare for my Digital Marketing end point assessment?

The most important way to prepare for EPA is to manage your time effectively. Allowing yourself plenty of time to revise the course material and complete your portfolio will enable you to pinpoint any issues in good time. If you have any questions or concerns, it is important that you communicate these to your employer or training provider.

How long will it take to receive my Digital Marketing EPA results?

You will receive your results within 2 weeks of of completing EPA, often sooner.

How we make EPA easy

Here’s why employers and training providers choose 1st for EPA as their end point assessment organisation (EPAO):

  • Support icon

    Support and guidance

    Full guidance and support is given to apprentices – We’ve created resources that prepare apprentices for EPA so they know what to expect and are ready for their final assessment

  • EPA Guidance

    Resource bank

    Resource bank with guidance notes to support apprentices through end point assessment

  • Experienced assessors icon

    Experienced assessors

    All our assessors are experts in the subject they assess. They understand the demands of the apprenticeship and the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be successful

  • Friendly team icon

    Friendly team

    Friendly team to answer all your questions

  • Remote EPA

    Remote EPA

    We carry out end point assessment remotely wherever the Assessment Plan allows, meaning we work across the UK and can be flexible

  • Certificate icon

    Secure system

    to manage and schedule EPA

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