Software Development Technician End Point Assessment

Level 3

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What does EPA involve for Software Development Technician?

The end point assessment, or EPA, for the Software Development Technician standard is made up of two components:

  1. Project report with questioning
  2. Professional discussion underpinned by portfolio

EPA1: Project report with questioning

Apprentices will take on a project that is suitable for their role and employer. They will need to submit a 3,000-word project report within 4 weeks of gateway approval, before undergoing 40-minutes of questioning with a 1st for EPA assessor.

EPA 2: Professional Discussion underpinned by a portfolio

The professional discussion is carried out remotely, by video call, between the apprentice and the assessor. It lasts 60 minutes and 1st for EPA provides guidance and example questions.

Software Development Technician EPAO

Software Development Technician apprentices build simple applications for use in larger software developments.

Typical job titles for apprentices in this role include Assistant programmer and automated test developer, Junior application developer, Junior application support analyst, Junior developer, Junior games developer, Junior mobile app developer, Junior programmer, Junior software developer, Junior web developer, and Software development technician.

Software EPA

  • Remote EPA

    Remote EPA for Software Development Technician

    1st for EPA carry out EPA for the Software Development Technician apprenticeship remotely,  with the questioning and professional discussion taking place using video calling. Apprentices have access to a Resource Pack with guidance on what to expect at EPA and how to prepare.

    We also offer out of hours EPA for those who request it.

  • Timescales for EPA

    Timescales for Software Development Technician EPA

    The EPA for the Software Development Technician standard should typically be completed within 3 months. Apprentices may complete sooner if they wish, and we’re happy to schedule this.

  • Assessment Plan for EPA

    Software Development Technician Assessment Plan

    To see the Software Development Technician occupational standard, duties, and EPA Plan, visit the Institute for Apprenticeships website here (link opens in a new window):

    See the Software Development Technician Level 3 Assessment Plan

  • EPA Guidance

    Software Development Technician EPA Guidance

    • We provide:
      • Qualification Specification
      • Apprentice Resource Pack
      • Mapping documents
      • General guidance and videos
    • We also run a training provider on-boarding session to run through the EPA process, scheduling and best practice for Software Development Technician EPA.

How does EPA work?

  • The training provider recommends an EPAO, often with input from the employer.

  • The training provider registers the apprentice with the EPAO, giving an expected date for EPA.

  • The apprentice completes Gateway and schedules their EPA.

  • 1st for EPA provides full support and guidance to help the apprentice prepare for EPA.

  • EPA is carried out with a qualified assessor.

  • 1st for EPA carries out quality checks, then emails the apprentice their results and claims their completion certificate from the ESFA.

What does EPA cost for Software Development Technician?

Software Development Technician EPA is £1350.

Get in touch for resit and re-take fees.

What’s the difference between a resit and a re-take?

How we make EPA easy

Here’s why employers and training providers choose 1st for EPA as their end point assessment organisation (EPAO):

  • Support icon

    Support and guidance

    Full guidance and support is given to apprentices – We’ve created resources that prepare apprentices for EPA so they know what to expect and are ready for their final assessment

  • EPA Guidance

    Resource bank

    Resource bank with guidance notes to support apprentices through end point assessment

  • Experienced assessors icon

    Experienced assessors

    All our assessors are experts in the subject they assess. They understand the demands of the apprenticeship and the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be successful

  • Friendly team icon

    Friendly team

    Friendly team to answer all your questions

  • Remote EPA

    Remote EPA

    We carry out end point assessment remotely wherever the Assessment Plan allows, meaning we work across the UK and can be flexible

  • Certificate icon

    Secure system

    To manage and schedule EPA

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