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Here’s why employers and training providers choose 1st for EPA as their end point assessment organisation (EPAO):

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    Support and guidance

    from registration to completion.

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    Resource bank

    and guidance notes for each apprenticeship standard.

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    Experienced assessors

    with in-depth knowledge of end point assessments.

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    Remote EPA

    so apprentices can undergo end point assessment from anywhere in the UK.

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    on completion of your apprenticeship.

What is EPA?

End point assessment, or EPA, is the process of assessing an apprentice as they approach the end of their apprenticeship. Once all on-programme learning is complete, the apprentice goes through the Gateway stage into the EPA stage. This is where an independent EPA organisation (known as an EPAO) carries out assessment according to the apprenticeship standard’s assessment plan. Every EPAO must be on the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations.

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How does EPA work?

  • The apprentice’s employer chooses an end point assessment organisation (EPAO), often with the help of their training provider.

  • The training provider registers the apprentice with the EPAO, giving an expected date for EPA.

  • The apprentice completes Gateway and schedules their EPA.

  • 1st for EPA provides full support and guidance to help the apprentice prepare for EPA.

  • EPA is carried out with a qualified assessor.

  • 1st for EPA carries out quality checks, then notifies the apprentice of their results and claims their completion certificate from the ESFA.

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