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Level 7

End point assessment for Senior Leader. At level 7, this is a degree-level apprenticeship. 1st for EPA provides EPA for both versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the Senior Leader apprenticeship standard. Our independent assessors have occupational expertise as well as experience with apprenticeships and extensive training in assessment. 1st for EPA works with training providers and employers to help your apprentices succeed in their EPA. On completion, qualified Senior Leaders go on to lead their respective teams to success and grow their organisations. We help Senior Leader apprentices complete the last hurdle of their apprenticeship - the end point assessment.Talk to us today

What’s involved in Senior Leader end point assessment?

The end point assessment for Senior Leader will depend on the version of the standard the apprentice is registered on. The original version 1.0 involves:

1. Project showcase based on a work-based project, including report, presentation and questioning. Apprentices will complete a project while on programme, and in EPA will write a report on the project, outcomes and recommendations. This will be followed by a 20min presentation and 25-30min questioning.

2. Professional discussion, based on review of portfolio. Apprentices are asked to submit a portfolio of evidence at gateway. This supports the professional discussion, which will be conducted by video call, one-to-one between the apprentice and assessor. It will last 50-60 minutes.

Version 1.1 is the most recently updated standard. EPA involves:

1. Strategic business proposal, presentation with questioning. The strategic business proposal does not need to be fully implemented during the EPA period, but it must be a comprehensive proposal that can be implemented at an appropriate time. Apprentices will then deliver a 20min presentation and undergo 40min questioning.

2. Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio. Apprentices are asked to submit a portfolio of evidence at gateway. This supports the professional discussion, which will be conducted by video call, one-to-one between the apprentice and assessor. It will last 60 minutes.

Not sure which version of the Senior Leader apprenticeship you’re on? Apprentices who started on programme from 29/03/2021 are likely to be on version 1.1; those with a start date prior to this are likely to be on version 1.0. Check with your training provider to confirm.

Guidance for Senior Leader Apprenticeship EPA

EPA for Senior Leader is challenging, and 1st for EPA provides a detailed toolkit to support apprentices through every stage. We also have an overview for employers, and support for training providers. Every apprentice receives full feedback on how they performed in EPA. To see why we’re chosen by providers and employers across England, get in touch today.

  • Remote EPA

    Remote assessment for Senior Leader

    At 1st for EPA, we carry out remote EPA for Senior Leader. We provide flexible scheduling with short lead times for booking assessments. We work with employers and apprentices across England.

  • Timescales for EPA

    Timescales for Senior Leader EPA

    The EPA period for the Senior Leader standard is typically up to 5 months, though apprentices can complete sooner if they wish.

    Specific timescales for each stage of EPA is given in our Toolkit.

  • Assessment Plan for EPA

    Assessment Plan for Senior Leader

    You can view the Senior Leader v1.0 Assessment Plan here. Full details of the v1.0 standard are shown on the Institute for Apprenticeships website.

    You can view the Senior Leader v1.1 Assessment Plan here. Full details of the v1.1 standard are shown on the Institute for Apprenticeships website.

    If you have any further questions on the assessment process or details included,
    book a 30-minute chat with our team.

  • EPA Guidance

    Guidance available

    At 1st for EPA, we provide full guidance on how to complete EPA successfully. This includes a detailed Apprentice Toolkit, training provider onboarding session, and regular webinars and updates. Combined with our responsiveness and great customer service, this is what makes us the best EPAO for Senior Leader EPA.

  • Senior Leader Apprenticeship FAQs

    Learn more about the end point assessments we provide and the Senior Leader apprenticeship standard in our frequently asked questions. If your query has not been addressed here, please contact us. Our team at 1st for EPA are available to answer any questions in a 30-minute chat to learn more about the service we offer.

How does EPA work?

  • The training provider recommends an EPAO, often with input from the employer.

  • The training provider registers the apprentice with the EPAO, giving an expected date for EPA.

  • The apprentice completes Gateway and schedules their EPA.

  • 1st for EPA provides full support and guidance to help the apprentice prepare for EPA.

  • EPA is carried out with a qualified assessor.

  • 1st for EPA carries out quality checks, then emails the apprentice their results and claims their completion certificate from the ESFA.

What does EPA cost for Senior Leader?

The cost of an end point assessment for the role of corporate responsibility and sustainability practitioner apprenticeship standard is £1850. 

Employers will be expected to pay for any necessary resits or retakes that are necessary. You can learn more about the difference between a resit and a re-take, or contact our team today for further advice on price.

How we make EPA easy

Here’s why employers and training providers choose 1st for EPA as their end point assessment organisation (EPAO):

  • Support icon

    Support and guidance

    Full guidance and support is given to apprentices – We’ve created resources that prepare apprentices for EPA so they know what to expect and are ready for their final assessment

  • EPA Guidance

    Resource bank

    Resource bank with guidance notes to support apprentices through end point assessment

  • Experienced assessors icon

    Experienced assessors

    All our assessors are experts in the subject they assess. They understand the demands of the apprenticeship and the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be successful

  • Friendly team icon

    Friendly team

    Friendly team to answer all your questions

  • Remote EPA

    Remote EPA

    We carry out end point assessment remotely wherever the Assessment Plan allows, meaning we work across the UK and can be flexible

  • Certificate icon

    Secure system

    to manage and schedule EPA

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