Out of Hours EPA

We’ve often been asked about apprentices being able to take end point assessment (EPA) outside of usual office hours, so we’re introducing Out of Hours EPA. This includes: 

• Evening EPA
• Weekend EPA
• Early morning EPA.

With the range of apprentices, employers and industries we serve, we’re committed to being flexible and this is the latest of many benefits that 1st for EPA offers apprentices and providers.

How does it work?

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    Apprentices and providers can discuss and agree end point assessment dates as usual, in line with the maximum dates shown in the standard. 

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    The training provider can then book the requested date through our portal in the same way as usual and add the preferred start time. This may be an early morning EPA, evening EPA or weekend EPA. 

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    Our team then allocate an available assessor and confirm the booking. The apprentice receives a confirmation email, including who to phone if they have any issues at the time of the assessment. If we can’t meet your first choice of date or time, we’ll offer you some other options. 

  • Easy!

What times are available for Out of Hours EPA?

We offer EPA times to suit your apprentices and their working patterns. This includes:  

  • Morning EPA starting before 9am  
  • Evening EPA starting or finishing after 5:30pm  
  • EPA on a weekend or bank holiday. 


We encourage training providers and employers to consider any relevant safeguarding measures, as well as policies that may be relevant, such as a lone working policy if the apprentice will be in the workplace alone at the time of assessment. 

There is an additional fee payable for this service. Training providers will find full details in their contract with us. If you’d like more information, please contact your account manager or our head office team on 01642 205207. 

Not working with us yet? Training providers and employers can get in touch to see how we make end point assessment easy.

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