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    Senior Leader dispensation – support for apprentices made redundant

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    Ifate has introduced a temporary dispensation for Senior Leader version 1.2 (ST0480) for apprentices who are made redundant at gateway. To allow these apprentices to undergo EPA and complete their apprenticeship, these apprentices will be allowed complete a Strategic Business Proposal based on a theoretical topic. In this case, the apprentice’s training provider will act as

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    Policies Updated

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    We review and update our EPA policies regularly to ensure they’re up to date and reflect the latest quality practices in end point assessment. The following policies have been updated and are now live on our Policies page and on the epaPRO portal: Appeals Policy and Complaints Policy – these used to be combined and

  • Cognassist

    We’re part of the Neuro-inclusion Charter

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    We’re pleased to announce that 1st for EPA is now part of the Cognassist Neuro-inclusion Charter. The Charter shows a list of inclusive EPAOs. To gain a place on the Charter, EPAOs must have staff attend relevant training to be more aware of different learning styles and abilities, to allow us to recognise these and

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    How do I upload a project on the EPA Pro portal?

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    This guide shows you how to upload assessment evidence, such as a project, on our portal, also known as EPA Pro. Please note that some providers may have switched off the upload function, in which case you should email your submission directly to your provider. When you log into the portal, you should see a

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    VIDEO: Word Count Guide – EPA Reports

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    This is 1st for EPA’s video guidance on word counts for written reports that are submitted as part of end point assessment   Transcription: This is 1st for EPA’s guidance on word counts for written reports that are submitted as part of end point assessment Report content and format The requirements for the written report

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    What file types are accepted on the EPA Pro portal?

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    EPA evidence comes in many forms – portfolios, project reports, presentation slides, mapping documents and more. We’re often asked what file types are accepted on our portal, also known as EPA Pro. Formats accepted Any widely accessible format will be accepted, i.e. it should not require specialist software to be viewed. Live, dynamic or changeable

  • GBEA

    1st for EPA Triumphs at The Great British Entrepreneur Awards

    Company news

    Helen Shinner, Founder of 1st for EPA, has been awarded Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year for the North East at The Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards. Recognised annually as one of the most prestigious accolades in the entrepreneurial world, The Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards received over 5,000 applications this year alone.

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    Troubleshooting: User cannot log in to epaPRO

    For providers, coaches & employers

    Do you have a user who cannot log in to epaPRO? This guide will take you through some of the most common issues and how to resolve them quickly. Step 1: Check the URL and username Firstly, if a user is having issues logging in to epaPRO, do confirm with them the URL they are

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    1st for EPA is a Certified B Corp

    Company news

    Our End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) has become a Certified B Corp. We achieved the impressive certification this month. What is B Corp Certification? B Corp Certification is a designation that shows a business is meeting high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. This is verified, using factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to

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    The Black Apprentice Network share their stories

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    The Black Apprentice Network, along with Amazing Apprenticeships, have shared a collection of apprentice stories and experiences. In the video below, two of the BAN founders, Kwesi Bimpong and Rubin Aboagye-Poku, give an introduction. The inspirational stories shared are from current and past apprentices who are members of the Black Apprentice Network. Their apprenticeships are

  • Artificial intelligence in EPA

    Using of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in EPA

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    With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more prominent, 1st for EPA has set out rules for its use in end point assessment (EPA). This guidance applies to apprentices using 1st for EPA; other EPAOs will issue their own guidance. Apprentices should not use AI to generate content that they will present as their

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    New Standards launched for EPA

    Company news

    We’re one of the fastest growing EPAOs in the country, and we’re delighted to announce we now assess two new standards: Business Analyst level 4 Senior Leader level 7 With Ofqual recognition in place across all our standards, we started offering end point assessment for Business Analyst and Senior Leader in May 2023. At 1st

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