Celebrating Apprentice Achievement

We recently asked a client to speak at one of webinars and give providers and employers an insight into what it’s like working with 1st for EPA.

Something she said really stuck out to us:

“I’ve loved using you, it’s a real pleasure to put learners through to EPA. Something that you do really, really well as well is the fact that when you send out the grade, you really celebrate the learner. And you send a really lovely email. It’s got confetti and congratulations, and it really celebrates that learner. It’s a really nice experience for that learner to receive their grade and that is a really positive thing from yourselves, along with that really, really useful detailed feedback.”

We love celebrating apprentice achievement. 1st for EPA was created to support apprentices through their end point assessment (EPA) so they can go on to have an amazing career and support their employer.

“When apprentices win, we all win.”

We love seeing apprentices post online when they’ve completed their apprenticeship. Photos of apprentices with their certificate are fantastic. We often get emails with a thank you, and kind words for our assessors for being so friendly during assessment. We have apprentices tell us they’ve got a promotion since completing their apprenticeship, and many who have been given more responsibility.

It’s so positive to hear, and it’s the reason 1st for EPA exists. When apprentices win, we all win. Employers have skilled staff, their companies flourish, and the economy grows.

1st for EPA works with a lot of skilled apprentices and fantastic training providers and employers. We like to think our supportive approach is the final piece of the puzzle that helps them pass end point assessment (EPA) and succeed in their apprenticeship. We go beyond providing apprentice guidance, and also support training providers and employers to support their apprentices.

It’s this supportive, apprentice-centred approach that has allowed us to grow so quickly and win numerous awards.

As we say to all of our providers, employers and apprentices, our success is your success.

As we approach the end of 2022, we’d like to say well done to every apprentice who has completed their apprenticeship, and also to every provider and employer who has worked with apprentices – your support really is invaluable, and we look forward to working with you in 2023 and beyond.

Employers and training providers we work with

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