Policies Updated

We review and update our EPA policies regularly to ensure they’re up to date and reflect the latest quality practices in end point assessment.

The following policies have been updated and are now live on our Policies page and on the epaPRO portal:

  • Appeals Policy and Complaints Policy – these used to be combined and are now two separate policies. They have had a general review and update. The fee for unsuccessful appeals has been increased to cover our costs (there is no fee for successful appeals). We have added info on how to submit an appeal on epaPRO.
  • Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy – general review and update plus information added on the type of evidence that we can accept for reasonable adjustments.

Please ensure you are directing your team and apprentices to the latest version, and update any copies you have stored on your own system.

The full list of EPA Policies can be found here.

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