Senior Leader dispensation – support for apprentices made redundant

Ifate has introduced a temporary dispensation for Senior Leader version 1.2 (ST0480) for apprentices who are made redundant at gateway.

To allow these apprentices to undergo EPA and complete their apprenticeship, these apprentices will be allowed complete a Strategic Business Proposal based on a theoretical topic. In this case, the apprentice’s training provider will act as the employer for the duration of the EPA period.

This affects how the standard is assessed, particularly Skill statements S2 and S3:

  • S2 Set strategic direction and gain support for it from key stakeholders.
  • S3 Undertake research, and critically analyse and integrate complex information.

These skills criteria would therefore be assessed via the questioning component of the assessment.

Please note that to use this dispensation, providers should apply through 1st for EPA, who will request approval from Ifate. The dispensation is only available to apprentices who reach gateway and are made redundant. Ifate states that the dispensation will last from 05/04/24 to 30/11/24 but may be withdrawn if the assessment plan is revised sooner or the dispensation is no longer necessary.

The Senior Leader standard can be viewed here.

Please contact the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education via should you require any further clarity.

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