Updates to the Business Administrator Assessment Plan

The Institute for Apprenticeships has updated the assessment plan for the Business Administrator level 3 apprenticeship standard.

The new assessment plan, updated 10th September 2020, can be found here.

It has been confirmed that any apprentice registered with a training provider on this standard from 10th September 2020 should be assessed under this version of the assessment plan (V03).

Any apprentices registered before this date can be assessed under this version if to do so would not disadvantage the apprentice.

If to assess under V03 would disadvantage the apprentice, the apprentice should be assessed under the original version 2. We would be happy to share the previous version of the assessment plan to anyone who no longer has access – please email us to request it.

Changes to the Business Administrator Assessment Plan

The major changes seen in version 3 of the Business Administrator assessment plan are:

  • Assessment method weighting: This was a 20%; 40%; 40% split respectively for the knowledge test; Portfolio Interview; Project Improvement Presentation. Version 3 now weights all elements equally (33.3% each).
  • Assessment Grading: The mapping was not clear and the mapping table has been updated to indicate where each KSB is to be assessed. The language used includes variations of portfolio or presentation; portfolio or presentation and knowledge test. Some remain stand-alone and these KSBs MUST be achieved in that intended assessment method.
  • Reasonable adjustments, Resits and Retakes: These will continue to be as per individual EPAO policy.
  • Invigilation: should be carried out by the EPAO and remains the responsibility of the EPAO.
  • Knowledge test grade boundaries: The test includes 50 multiple choice questions and the boundaries are now: 0-29 = Fail; 30-39 = Pass; 40-50 = Distinction.

For any questions, please contact us.

Many thanks to Open Awards for clarifying the changes to the assessment plan.

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