Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in EPA

With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more prominent, 1st for EPA has set out rules for its use in end point assessment (EPA). This guidance applies to apprentices using 1st for EPA; other EPAOs will issue their own guidance.

Apprentices should not use AI to generate content that they will present as their own for assessment. We remind apprentices that any EPA work submitted must be their own, unless they explicitly state otherwise. Not following this rule will be seen as malpractice, and our Malpractice Policy applies. If AI is used in the apprentice’s job role, they may present this in a portfolio, project, or assessment.

The key consideration is not to misrepresent material created by AI as the apprentice’s own work. 

AI includes, but is not limited to, ChatGPT, Bard, Google Cloud AI Platform, etc.

Any tools, platforms, formulas, macros, and algorithms used in the course of work are acceptable.

Using AI in EPA Portfolios

If AI is used in the apprentice’s role or project, this can be showcased in the portfolio. AI must not be presented as the apprentice’s own work. If this is not clear in the portfolio, we advise apprentices to make their role clear in accompanying text, in the same way they do when showing their part in teamwork.

Using AI for Junior Content Producer EPA

Observation: Apprentices are carrying out their normal role so may use AI.

Set brief test: Apprentices may use AI if they wish and we would view this as research, in the same way as if they used a search engine. However, the criteria must be demonstrated by the apprentice. This means that if AI is used, we would expect the apprentice to expand on it/develop an idea/add justification and reasoning, etc, as appropriate to the criteria.


If you require clarification on the use of AI in EPA, please contact our quality team.

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