Case Study: Josie, Marketing Executive Apprentice

Name: Josie Severn
Apprenticeship standard: Marketing Executive Level 4
Training Provider: Cambridge Marketing College
Result: Distinction

What did you do to prepare for EPA?

When preparing for my EPA, I found the toolkit and guidance very useful. I started off by familiarising myself with the toolkit and the assessment criteria and made a list of how my project and presentation could tick off this criteria. I had the toolkit printed off and on my desk at all times.

When preparing for the professional discussion, I looked at the assessment criteria and sample questions in the guidance and wrote down a mock answer, using real life examples from my time at work. I then turned these in to flash cards that I regularly read.

I also had more frequent meetings with my Tutor to ensure that I was ready and we did a mock assessment together.

What were your feelings prior to any assessments taking place, compared to after the event?

I was nervous before my EPA but I think that is natural. I felt confident once I had done a mock with my Tutor and he was confident that I was ready. After the event I felt relieved and wondered why I worried so much because all of the staff running the EPA were friendly and put me at ease.

How would you describe your EPA experience with your assessor and 1st for EPA in general?

My experience was overall very positive. The software was easy to use and 1st for EPA gave me clear instructions. As previously mentioned, the staff were really friendly and professional which put me at ease as soon as I entered the call.

Would you recommend 1st for EPA to a friend?

I would recommend 1st for EPA to a friend, the whole process went smoothly and I felt they prepared me well with the guidance as I knew what to expect and they supported me to get the grade I deserved.

Do you have any tips for someone going through the EPA process?

The toolkit will be your best friend! Print it out and highlight important parts and make sure you refer back to it. Also I would say make sure that your project is something that you enjoy because you will be more passionate about writing the report and talking about it in the presentation.

What have you done since completing your apprenticeship?

Since my apprenticeship, I have received a promotion within my organisation. When I began my apprenticeship, my job title was Communications and Marketing Assistant, but I am now Communications and Marketing Officer. My new skills and knowledge allowed me to meet the job description and helped me answer questions in the interview. I am over the moon!

My project was about attracting visitors back to one of our libraries following the pandemic and a flood. My new role is around Covid recovery at our libraries which made me perfect for the job having already done it!

Well done, Josie!

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