Case Study: Mollie, Junior Content Producer Apprentice

Name: Mollie Maclean
Company: Newbury Building Society
Apprenticeship standard: Junior Content Producer
Training Provider: AS Training
Result: Distinction

Which apprenticeship did you do and why did you choose it?

When the Junior Content Producer apprenticeship was mentioned to me, I instantly knew that being new to the industry, it was going to be a great introduction into marketing and when reading through the course structure it covered everything that I would need to know to get hands-on in my first marketing role.

What appealed to you about doing an apprenticeship?

I have completed an apprenticeship before in a previous job and my experience of that was fantastic as it enabled me to work on the job, so I got to pick up real-life work scenarios and familiarise myself with a business environment from a younger age. Now that I have found the industry I want to work in, I knew that this marketing apprenticeship would allow me to do the exact same thing.

What did you learn through your apprenticeship?

Not only did this apprenticeship teach me the fundamentals to help me kickstart my career in marketing, but it also taught me how to manage my time effectively. Working in the marketing industry is very fast paced so the tasks that were set out for me enabled me to work within a timeframe and organise my priorities effectively. My apprenticeship also taught me how to take responsibility of my own work.

What were your feelings prior to any assessments taking place, compared to after the event?

Before the assessment, as you would expect, I did feel nervous but as soon as I met my examiner virtually, I instantly felt much more relaxed. I was also really excited to start my assessments and show my examiner all the work and effort I had put into my portfolio. After the exam I felt relieved and was really looking forward to receiving my results.

How would you describe your EPA experience with your assessor and 1st for EPA in general?

Great! I was sent everything I needed prior to my assessments with the meeting links and other information, my assessor made me feel very calm during my exams and the communication about next steps was brilliant. I also received my results the following week!

What did you do to prepare for EPA?

I carried out multiple mock tests with my tutor and we went through the process of the EPA in detail so that I was fully aware beforehand. I also carried out technical checks to make sure everything was working with my computer and the room was set up properly.

Do you have any tips for someone going through the EPA process?

My main tip would be not to panic! It’s so easy to over think the whole process and when it comes to the assessment, you are simply just showing the assessor everything you have learnt! I would also recommend doing a couple of mock tests with your tutor, just so you are aware of the whole process, and nothing trips you at the EPA.

What have you done since completing your apprenticeship?

I was actually promoted during my apprenticeship a few months before my EPA which is really exciting! So since completing my apprenticeship I have (celebrated!) been focusing on my new role with my supportive team and manager and really getting involved with the new tasks that I am looking after, I have also booked my next recognised course in Digital Marketing and Social Media which I am extremely excited for.

Do you think having your apprenticeship helped you progress your career?

Absolutely! As mentioned, I was new to the marketing industry when I first started my apprenticeship and for me, I have always wanted to be out working and learning on the job, so it really was a great route to take. It gave me the fundamentals to be able to work in this industry but in a business environment, so I was able to progress my career quicker. It has also given me so much more confidence!

Would you recommend 1st for EPA to a friend?

Without a doubt – 1st for EPA have been fantastic and the communication has been great. Taking assessments can be a daunting and scary thing but they’ve made me feel calm and relaxed throughout the whole process!

Do you have any other comments you would like to share about your experience?

My apprenticeship has been such a great journey and I have been able to pick-up real-life skills and implement them into my daily job. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into a new industry or to learn further skills in their current role, to consider an apprenticeship as there is one out there for everyone!

Well done, Mollie!

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