Case Study: Rachael, Marketing Executive Apprentice

Name: Rachael Taylor
Company: St Helens Borough Council
Apprenticeship standard: Marketing Executive Level 4
Training Provider: Professional Academy
Result: Pass

What did you do to prepare for EPA?

I revised for the multiple choice test by creating flash cards and doing practice tests. For the other parts of the EPA, I read up on my notes from the different workshops and revised the bits that I wasn’t sure on or felt that I needed to look over.

What were your feelings prior to any assessments taking place, compared to after the event?

I was originally very nervous for the presentation and professional discussion part of the assessment, however once I had spoken to the staff at 1st for EPA, they reassured me that I will be fine and booked me in for a practice run to make me feel better. Once I had this practice run, I felt more confident which helped me in the long run with the presenting and the discussion. I now feel more confident in presenting and talking to people about what I have learnt.

How would you describe your EPA experience with your assessor and 1st for EPA in general?

The EPA team were really helpful. They made me feel at ease and confident in the work that needed to be done. My assessor was really friendly and spoke to me in an informal manner to make me feel comfortable.

Would you recommend 1st for EPA to a friend?

I would really recommend 1st for EPA to a friend. The staff were really friendly and made a scary time seem a lot easier.

Do you have any tips for someone going through the EPA process?

I would say don’t stress and take it one step at a time. If you look at it all at once, it can be quite overwhelming, but if you just take one step at a time, you will get through it.

What have you done since completing your apprenticeship?

I have stayed with the same employer. I am looking to complete a qualification in marketing. This course has allowed me to be exempt from completing 2 assessments so I will only need to complete 1 assessment to receive the new qualification.

Well done, Rachael!

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