How to achieve top marks in your Digital Marketer Project

End point assessment for the Digital Marketer level 3 apprenticeship standard involves carrying out week-long project. This gives you, the apprentice, the opportunity to show the skills you’ve learned throughout your apprenticeship.

The project is chosen by your employer and training provider, from a bank of projects provided by the end point assessment organisation (EPAO).

The projects will have a wide scope to allow you to apply it to your organisation and meet a range of assessment criteria.

How the Digital Marketer project is assessed

You’ll submit your project to the EPAO, where your allocated assessor will mark it against the criteria detailed in the Assessment Plan and Occupational Brief – the What, the How and the With Whom.

You should read any guidance your EPAO provides carefully, as this should contain detail on what they expect you to include and how to demonstrate your skills.

To achieve top marks in your project, structure it to meet what the assessor is looking for. A good format is suggested in the brief you will be given.

Throughout your project, refer back to the assessment criteria as detailed in the Digital Marketer Toolkit (available to 1st for EPA registered apprentices), including the What, the How and the With Whom.

To go the extra mile, write the assessment criteria code in brackets or in a comment alongside where you have demonstrated it. This draws the assessor’s attention to it and makes the project easier to mark.

How to get top marks in your Digital Marketer project

The Occupational Brief describes demonstrating skills ‘significantly above the expected level of quality.’ There are merit and distinction criteria set out to show what this looks like in practice. You’ll see that these criteria go above and beyond the minimum criteria – assessors are looking for apprentices to demonstrate a deeper understanding of digital marketing principles.

To score top marks in your project, you should include:

  • How you would respond to problems. Look for ways to show you can take initiative and act in the best interests of your organisation.
  • How you chose the right tools and strategy based on the information available.
  • Show your understanding of your organisation and the factors that affect it, and how you applied your thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Any reflections you have on the process. This may include things you would do differently next time or suggestions on how your project initiatives can be built on in future. If things didn’t go as expected, it’s fine to address this and reflect on what you have learned and how this will affect your future actions. This shows the assessor you are evaluating your own performance, acting on information available and adapting accordingly.

Remember, your project is one part of your end point assessment. You are also able to meet the assessment criteria in your portfolio, employer reference and structured interview. Therefore you do not have to meet every assessment criteria in your project, but you should aim to cover as many as you can.

Tip: Watch the word count. 1st for EPA sets a word limit for the project of 3,000-5,000 words. This is to keep the project focused.

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