New Standards launched for EPA

We’re one of the fastest growing EPAOs in the country, and we’re delighted to announce we now assess two new standards:
Business Analyst level 4
Senior Leader level 7

With Ofqual recognition in place across all our standards, we started offering end point assessment for Business Analyst and Senior Leader in May 2023.

At 1st for EPA, we’re known for making the end point assessment process easy. Our customer service, responsiveness and detailed guidance are second to none. We’re committed to creating transparency in EPA so apprentices know exactly what to expect and prepare for their assessment.

In addition, we host webinars for providers and employers, as well as creating regular trend reports and offering Out of Hours EPA for apprentices who don’t work usual office hours.

Business Analyst level 4 EPA

Business Analysts are found in every sector. Their role involves analysing how business needs can be met through change and digital solutions. They identify business problems and user needs, before presenting appropriate solutions. Business Analysts manage stakeholder relationships, focusing on benefits and outcomes.

The Business Analyst EPA involves creating a project proposal with presentation and questioning, and undergoing a professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence.

With its wide-reaching benefits, Business Analyst is a popular apprenticeship standard with an £18,000 funding band.

See details on EPA for Business Analyst level 4 here, along with the Business Analyst assessment plan.

Senior Leader level 7 EPA

Senior leaders are found in all organisations, with job titles such as Chief Information Officer, Head of Department and CEO. Their role is to provide clear, inclusive and strategic leadership and direction to their workforce. Senior leaders’ objectives are closely aligned to overall strategic objectives.

Senior Leader EPA varies depending on whether apprentices are on v1.0 or v1.1 of the standard. Version 1.0 involves a work-based project report, whereas version 1.1 requires apprentices to plan a strategic business proposal. Both versions involve a presentation and questioning, before moving onto a professional discussion.

The latest version of the Senior Leader apprenticeship (v1.1) has a £14,000 funding band.

Full details on EPA for Senior Leader level 7 can be found here, along with the Senior Leader assessment plan.

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