What happens at gateway? Apprentice Guide

You’ve been on your apprenticeship for a while now and the end is in sight. There are just two things left: gateway and end point assessment (EPA).

The purpose of Gateway is to ensure that you, your employer and your training provider are all confident that you:

  1. Have completed your on-programme learning
  2. Are working at the level of the apprenticeship standard, and
  3. Are ready to undertake your EPA.

Gateway itself takes the form of a meeting, which might be face to face, or it might be done remotely by video call.

You’ll be invited to your gateway meeting along with someone from your organisation (usually your line manager) and someone from your training provider (usually your coach/tutor).

Before gateway

Before gateway, your training provider will check you’ve met the requirements of your apprenticeship, including that you have:

  • Been on programme for the minimum duration.
  • Achieved your maths and English functional skills, if you didn’t already hold a qualification at the appropriate level in these subjects.
  • Developed the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours described in the apprenticeship standard.
  • Logged sufficient off-the-job hours.
  • Gained any qualifications needed for your apprenticeship.
  • Completed any work set in the assessment plan, such as a portfolio or project plan.

At gateway

In the gateway meeting, all three of you will discuss and confirm that you’ve met the on-programme requirements and that you are ready to progress to EPA. You will only start EPA once you all agree that you’re ready.

Your training provider may also discuss other things at this meeting, such as the details of your EPA and the deadlines you’ll be expected to meet. If your EPA involves a project, you might discuss a project topic. This is also your chance to ask any questions about your EPA. Make sure you know what’s expected of you so that you can prepare effectively.

Completing forms

You’ll complete a form at gateway to confirm what’s been discussed. For apprentices registered with 1st for EPA, this is called the Gateway Agreement. It checks that you meet all the requirements we described and asks you, your employer and your training provider to sign and confirm that you agree. You’ll also be asked permission for 1st for EPA to claim your apprenticeship completion certificate once you’ve completed EPA.

There may be other documents for you to complete at gateway, depending on which standard you’re on. For example, there might be a project proposal or portfolio mapping document.

Check your 1st for EPA Toolkit (or Resource Pack) to see what’s needed for your standard.

After gateway

Once the gateway meeting and paperwork have been completed, you’re officially in the last stage of your apprenticeship, the EPA period.

Read through your 1st for EPA Toolkit/Resource Pack and the materials given to you by your training provider to support you through your EPA.

If you have questions, look through your Toolkit/Resource Pack or speak to your training provider. If they don’t have the answer, they will speak to 1st for EPA to get you the information you need.

1st for EPA Apprentice Toolkit

Booking your assessment

Your EPA is likely to contain one or more live methods of assessment, such as a knowledge test, presentation or professional discussion.

Your Toolkit/Resource Pack will tell you the order of assessment and the timescales for when these take place. You should arrange dates for your assessment through your training provider, who will book these on our system.

Once we’ve confirmed the date, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details of the booking. Keep this email as it contains the link to join the video call as well as other important details.

You only need a booking for live assessment elements, and not for written submissions such as your portfolio or project. Your Toolkit/Resource Pack will tell you when the submission deadline is (usually 14 days before your interview/professional discussion).

If you need to reschedule your assessment dates, your training provider can do this for you.

Digital Marketer and Data Analyst v1.0 apprentices should note that the synoptic project is invigilated by the training provider/employer and so you will not receive a confirmation email from 1st for EPA for this component. You will receive one for your final interview.

Tip: Take control of your EPA and schedule your assessment early to make sure you get the date you want.

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