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Why use 1st for EPA?

Our end point assessment (EPA) service is built around apprentices, employers and training providers. We aim to remove the perceived barrier of EPA and make it a smooth process. Apprentices should know exactly what to expect from EPA, and what is expected of them. By keeping EPA simple, we support apprentices to perform their best, pass their assessment and continue in their career.

Friendly team, experienced assessors

Our team are here to answer questions and provide support at every stage of EPA.

We have experienced assessors who are trained in getting the best from apprentices. In professional discussions and interviews, they ask open questions that allow the apprentice to score marks across several areas of the assessment criteria.

Full support

We’re here to support apprentices, employers and training providers. We’ve created a comprehensive toolkit for each standard we assess, which describes:

  • How to prepare for EPA
  • The criteria used to award marks
  • How to achieve top marks and get a Distinction

For standards that ask apprentices to submit a document, such as a project plan or employer reference, we supply a template and guidance on how to fill it in.

Detailed feedback for every apprentice, pass or fail

Apprentices should know how they performed in EPA. We give every apprentice a detailed feedback report showing where they performed well and the areas they could have achieved more marks. For apprentices who fail EPA, this is a valuable tool to prepare for a resit. For apprentices who pass, it’s a great personal development plan to aid their CPD (continuing professional development).

Remote assessment

All standards we assess offer remote assessment. The EPA activity is carried out online using secure, GDPR-compliant systems.

By working remotely, we can keep costs low and arrange EPA at times to suit apprentices.

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